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Beginnings of a New Year

The new year begun out in the Australian bush at the Clarence Gorge, some 60 something kilometers from Grafton City in the north eastern corner of New South Wales Australia.

My partner Charlee, my dog Franko (pictured below) ventured out to the beautiful location on the Clarence River in my Volkswagen Syncro (blue van pictured right) on New Years Eve. Kayaks strapped to the back, bus full to the brim inside and the bed already made inside - we were ready to adventure!

Three days of camping, fishing, kayaking, eating and enjoying the company of fellow camping friends was brilliant.

The Clarence Gorge is a brilliant place to visit. Located near Copmanhurst on the Clarence River, it's a wonderfully dramatic landscape. It's affordable to camp at and allows for privacy with that great camping feeling of rejuvination and freedom. Our dachshund Franko is welcome as well, which is a deal maker. We all spent the previous 2014-2015 celerbrations there actually.

2016 is shaping up to be a wonderful year. I have a desire to see success in my self by seeing out a large portion of the year overseas and further developing my interests and hobbies. I will be venturing to the USA and Canada for six months all the while searching for people, events and information that will compliment my existing interests and abilities and open new doors to avenues I am yet to explore.

I have big goals to achieve this year. From my business venture, to starting new studies and even attaining my pilots license. There is lots to do, and I am forever excited to get stuck into it!

As this is my first blog here I will formally introduce my self. My name is James Armstrong, I have studies in engineering (mechanical and civil) and have passion for design, manufacturing and education. Engineering in general excites me. I love to [attempt to] solve problems and as a trained problem solver (and maker!) I have come to appreciate the process involved in identifying the issue of consequence as result of an action and how we can use failure as our success. I'll play with everything from cars (see my VW buses above right) to computers. I truly enjoy making things, from the furniture in my house to gifts for family and friends. I grew up on farms, and have incredible passion for agriculture and open space. I love to live my life quietly the majority of the time, with the humble shed being one of my favourite places to reside.

Making to me is an expression of ability and ingenuity. A showcase of a person/s understanding of a problem and their production for solving that problem. What I have udnerstood over time is that not all people have an understanding or true appreciation of the manufacture and management of material items - not always because of a lack of interest but more so that they are ot privy to the methods of design and manufacturing. And this is something I wish to change for those that I find who show interest in this. I wish to extrapolate on their ideas and concepts and give them the guidance and aid needed to see a product or item beyond their hurdles and into a success.

So, I spend the majority of my time playing with and understanding technology. Understanding why and how it exists in our world, and how we can use material item successfully with as little burden to the environment around us.

I like projects, and I see my own being as a project. Powered by energy and influence from this world. I like to conceptualise with my mind and develop something digital or physical with the wonderful tools that we have available to us today. I have been on this path for many years now, and it is now time for me to utilise my abilities and methods to help enable others who are seeking success in solving problems.

This year I am hoping to extend my dreams to others to succeed in certain areas of general everyday living. Things like itemised and small scale recycling for individual and small groups - a totally scalable methodology to successfully recycle. Small scale agriculture that will enable 1 person, or 1000 to work in unison to reduce food waste, and benefit from working within the lifecycle of organice material. Advanced hydroponics, solar energy use, animal nest boxes and monitoring...and the list goes on. 2016 should be big, and fun.

So if you do read this, and you have some wonderful ideas to share, by all means contact my self and let me know. I would love to hear from you and meet you. I will continue to add designs as they are produced, and information regarding to help explain what is shown.


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