• James Armstrong

The Big Adventure!

2016! A big year ahead. My partner and I have left our jobs for six months and are embarking on an adventure abroad. We have decided to tour the USA and Canada by vehicle. Camping on the road and enjoying the sights the slow and easy way.

It will be a fantastic time of sight seeing, catching up with old friends and meeting new people, understanding further and delving in to interests and passions, camping, exploring and adventuring.

We will be landing in Los Angeles, and will be walking the LA beaches by Friday afternoon. We've said our goodbyes, wrapped up our loose ends, and are ready for a new chapter. Time to submerse our minds in culture, stretch our reach to the world and enjoy all that is travelling.

Charlee and I are incredibly excited to get out and enjoy some time away together. We'll be enjoying the sights and bringing all the goodness back that we collect over this time away. We've been looking ahead to this time for a good while, and we're leaving lots of good friends, family and our dog Frank behind. It will be both exciting and tough I'm sure.

I've put together a viewable map of the majority of places we envisage seeing. We may see only a fraction of these places, or we may see more. It doesn't bother us, it's a rough guide to get the ball rolling.

Six months is a long time on the road, so we'll see what we come up with. I'll do my best to edit this map and keep it up to date with information and stories from places we visit. I'm sure we'll find time to add some media and share the view.


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