Colours of printed parts will vary from kit to kit.




Kossel Mini Magnetic Joint Upgrade

SKU: 001
AU$79.00 Regular Price
AU$65.00Sale Price
  • The Armstrong Kossel Mini Magnetic Joint Upgrade Kit is a set of components that will convert a Kossel Mini Delta RepRap 3D printer to utilise magnetic universal joints. This kit is easily adaptable to Kossel Mini 3D printer kits which utilise HIWIN style linear rails such as the Micromake series.

    The kit includes:

    - 3D printed pieces

    - 6 woven carbon fibre tubes with CNC machined 6061 aluminium ends

    - 12 steel balls

    - 12 magnetic cylinders

    - End stop/limit switch for Z probe

    - 40mm cooling fan

    - All metal 1.75mm bowden hotend (heater cartridge and thermistor included)


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