Perhaps you have an idea that involves quite intricate methods of manufacture, or you need many of the one item and are interested in processes such as injection moulding. We can advise on the requirements to see a process through from start to finish, and provide aid in manufacturing a concept through to an end user product. 
Manufacturing or making is a is a is a wide and vast field of extraordinary processes and equipment. There is often many ways to make one thing, though when making something it is best to take advantage of available tools and methods. You will always produce a better product if you use the right tool, method and process.
Perhaps you wish to combine 3D printed plastic parts with cast silcone, CNC milled and turned and laser cut acrylic parts to finalise your product. This can be a tedious process, and we wish to help you. 
We have various equipment available for you to conceptualise projects with, including our latest addition of a 4 axis 2500mm X 1500mm X 200mm capacity CNC router that can quickly and accurately manufacture all sorts of various components. We also have various 3D printers, a laser cutter, manual machinery, metal casting equipment and access to a large array of various design programs to make intricate and amazing parts. 
We are also currently developing a waste material processing facility. We are aiming towards providing small scale efficient and productive waste processing in small regional areas, providing educational and commercial use to persons interested. We have an interest in processing waste oils, non-ferrous metals, glasses and a variety of plastics. 
Contact us by using the button below and share with us your interest in making and producing something that can start turning that idea and concept into reality.



Humans are problem solvers, and they all carry solutions. In our modern world we battle with technology and the methods of how to use it.
We have a passion for enabling those people and helping them bring their ideas and concepts into fruition.

With a background in digital design and computer controlled manufacturing, we have capabilities to aid in the manufacture of your ideas.

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