M A G N E T I C  J O I N T  U P G R A D E

Magnetic Ball Joint Upgrade for the Kossel Mini 3D Printer Kit (Kossel Standard upon request)


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Slop free movement for high precision

Easy to disassemble using magnetic joints

A grease change every so often for maintenance

Magnetic universal joints provide beyond hemispherical movement.

All joints are ideally greased with a silicone grease lubricant. This kit is suited to printers with HIWIN style linear rails. See below for some downloads for Kossel printers with roller guiders

CNC machined 6061 aluminium, brass and steel as well as the use of rare earth magnets - there's a lot happening in these joints. Tapped with an M3 thread for length adjustment

The end effector has been designed with an auto levelling mechanism. The provided limit switch enables efficient z probing without complicated setups.

The steel ball ends are polished smooth to a mirror finish for the smoothest movement possible.

Woven carbon fibre provide a light weight and rigid diagonal rod for the Kossel Mini 3D printers. Longer arms witll be available soon for the larger Kossel Printers.

The Kossel Mini Magnetic Joint Upgrade can now be fitted to Kossel printers with roller carriages. It requires three adaptors to be printed for each tower. The 3D model can be downloaded for free from 



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