3 D  P R I N T I N G

With ten years experience in 3D modelling and design interrogation, we can help you understand your designs and the possibile ways to manufacture them. 
3D printing is a process of manufacturing termed 'additive', as opposed to 'subtractive' i.e. material is added to material to form a solid item where as with subtractive manufacturing material is removed from a shape to leave a residual shape that was desired.
Additive manufacturing methods have many benefits when prototyping products. It produces very little waste material, intricate and organic shapes are easily produced, it is relatively quiet and clean, and polymer printing methods can readily use recycled materials.
It is also very affordable in contrast to traditional subtractive methods of manufacturing.
Our process to manufacturing your item entails:
  • Initial meeting and understanding of your model
  • Outline method of design of manufacture
  • Quote you the cost to produce your model
  • Produce your model and deliver it to you
We will advise you on all that we possibly can to ensure your model is built exactly as you wish.



Humans are problem solvers, and they all carry solutions. In our modern world we battle with technology and the methods of how to use it.
We have a passion for enabling those people and helping them bring their ideas and concepts into fruition.

With a background in digital design and computer controlled manufacturing, we have capabilities to aid in the manufacture of your ideas.

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