3 D  M O D E L L I N G  &  D E S I G N

We like your ideas, so much we want to make them more than a thought in your mind - we want it to be something that you can hold in your hands.
We can turn a sketch on a napkin or drink coaster into something you can look at, navigate around and within and interrogate. The design process is iterative, and producing something quickly is crucial for you to get busy modifying and changing your design until you know it is exactly what you want.
From your sketch, to our sketch, to your 3D model that we produce. Look below at the Sketchfab hosted 3D model. This started out as a concept in the mind, and ended up as a final part that you can see
We'll present the model to you in a way that allows you to criticise it to the nth degree and give feedback to us, allowing you and us to really get involved with the design.
We understand intellectual property and a persons desire to keep things under wraps, so we will honor their individual creative rights and keep things incredibly private.



Humans are problem solvers, and they all carry solutions. In our modern world we battle with technology and the methods of how to use it.
We have a passion for enabling those people and helping them bring their ideas and concepts into fruition.

With a background in digital design and computer controlled manufacturing, we have capabilities to aid in the manufacture of your ideas.

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We love feedback, it helps us grow. So please do write an email to say hello!

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